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Smart Seismic Solutions Limited (SSSL) provides specialized expertise in the design of seismic force resisting systems utilizing energy dissipating devices such as Base Isolators and Seismic Dampers. These have proven to be extremely effective in preventing damage to both structural and non-structural components of buildings, and even building contents, subjected to earthquakes, including those of Magnitude 8 and higher.

SSSL is a subsidiary of CG Murray Limited (CGML) and includes Prof. Luigi Di Sarno of Italy as Director and Expert Seismic  Engineer. Prof Di Sarno has utilized this approach in the retrofit of several Hospitals as well as in the foundations of new Hospitals, Office and High-Performance Residential Buildings in Italy.

We at SSSL and CGML stand by to offer our expertise to Clients on both new and Retrofit projects. We can provide all the civil/structural engineering services required for your project, from Conception to Handover, under the one umbrella company.


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Meet our team of experts: with us, your engineering projects are in the most capable of hands.


Is your building earthquake ready?


  • With each earthquake (hazard/event), there is possibility of physical damage to building stock, transportation systems, infrastructure systems, critical facilities, etc.
  • Both non-structural and structural damage will affect the day to day running of your facilities/businesses/etc.


What is Base Isolation?

Base isolation is one of the most effective means of protecting a structure against earthquake forces.
It provides passive control of structures. Base Isolated structures ensure the following:


  • Reduction in inertial forces to limit the damage of non-structural components even under large magnitude earthquakes.
  • Significant reduction of inter-storey drift.
  • Lower perception of seismic actions by the residents.
  • High protection of the building contents, particularly expensive fittings such as high tech components, medical equipment, fragile components, etc.

How does Base Isolation restrict structure movement?

Example of structural movement in the event of an earthquake, with and without Base Isolation


Short Term Benefits of Base Isolation

  • Savings due to reductions in the member sizes.
  • Irregular plan layouts allowed – minimal constraints to architectural designs. Both client and architect maintain the creative freedom to plan custom and varied building designs.
  • Ease of construction.

Long Term Benefits of Base Isolation

  • Higher global safety.
  • Savings in repair costs in the event of an earthquake.
  • Continuing functionality of facilities – no down time or disruptions even in the midst of an earthquake. This is an essential feature for facilities such as hospitals.
  • Ideal for retrofit of important existing structures – churches, museums, etc.

Examples of Bearing Installation

Examples of completed Base Isolated structures

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